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JSC "Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant"!


Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant (OZAA) is one of the largest manufacturers of motor vehicle and agricultural machinery components in the Republic of Belarus. The company is a member of the BelavtoMAZ consortium and specializes in the manufacture of parts, assemblies and components using aluminum castings, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), plastic casting, foam polyurethane and dicyclopentadiene resin.

Currently the production of sports and leisure consumer goods including rowboats, racing boats, equipment for sports halls and playgrounds and others uses is a particular area of focus and OZAA is increasing output of these products.

The application of new technologies in manufacturing, quality development and improvement of product efficiency, and the introduction of the latest management systems, are on-going priority areas for OZAA.

The team of highly qualified specialists at OZAA works constantly to develop and improve the product range and is ready to work with customers to fulfill their requirements.

We are strongly committed to expanding our markets and look forward to increasing business collaboration with overseas customers.